Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thanks Rachel!

A great big THANK YOU to RACHEL from Rachel's Reel Reviews for sending us a copy of Hearbreakers (2001) on DVD!

You see, Rach recently held a contest to come up with a new tagline for her site, and well... how could we pass that up? So we submitted a tagline, and the votes decided! We are such winners. Our mom has always told us so, and this completely confirmed it.

Rach so graciously offered us a DVD of our choice, and yes - we went with Heartbreakers. Don't judge. We hadn't been able to find it anywhere in stores, so here was our chance! BOOYAKASHA!

Thanks Rachel! Be sure to check out her blog for movie awesomeness!


Rachel said...

Glad you got it in one piece. Thanks for the link love AND the new tagline!

Angie said...

Our pleasure Rach! :)