Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: Oklahoma!

Gloria Grahame, the actress who played the flighty, boy-crazy nitwit Ado Annie in Oklahoma! (1955) was completely tone-deaf. Like totally. Couldn't sing a note.

Her songs were put together with extensive editing. Really extensive. Apparently every individual note had to be pieced together from her stanky singing.

Here is her solo number from the film, "I Cain't Say No." She's carrying the tune, but you can tell - this broad ain't no singer. Why they didn't choose a seasoned songstress, I'll never know, but Ado Annie just happens to be my fave character in the entire film.


Alex said...

Wow, I never knew that! I'd think that if they were set on Gloria Grahame acting the part they could have just dubbed her like the leads in My Fair Lady or West Side Story. But I guess because it's a comedic song the off-key singing works ok.

Angie said...

Alex - you're right, her crap singing fits the silly role. I'm pretty sure everyone else in the film sang their own parts, so she woulda been outta place if they dubbed her :)

Also, is it weird that "Poor Judd" is my fave song in the movie? I'm dark.