Tuesday, August 31, 2010


And you thought Snooki invented the super-pouffe. Check out this old-school school-boy. Look at that coiffe. Wow. So who did he turn into? It's someone extremely respected in Hollywood, and who has dabbled in every aspect of filmmaking.

You can be the new CIN-OB SUPREME! Just Be the first to tell us who he is in the comments!

This title comes with bragging rights, a post of your choice on Friday, a papier-maché crown with sparkles and a septor made from a paper towel roll.

Also, Chantale and I will FedEx a giant tub of popcorn to your house and pop out. Like strippers. But not out of a cake. And with clothes on. But we might dance. Only it won't be sexy-dancing, it'll be the 'Time Warp.'


Hal said...

clint eastwood.

Cin-b mom said...

Clint for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo bad at this. I was thinking Harry Connick Junior, but now that I see the other replies, cleary it's Mr. Dirty Harry. D'oh! - G

Angie said...

Cin-Ob Mom - thanks for playing, but your participation is a conflict of interest. Just kidding, love ya!

G - HCJ is a great guess! I suck at our game, I would never get them right if I didn't know the answers from the start.