Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fabulous Finds Goes International!

Fabulous Finds is a regular segment here, in which Chantale and I document when and where you can shop for the best DVD and movie related bargains. In this special edition, come with us live on a road trip from Ottawa, Ontario to NY State, to hunt through a bargain bin rumoured to be awesome.

Note: We don't both have lisps, we were just working with a crap camera. Also, sorry about my hair and horrid yellow sweater.

So all in all, here's our catch for the day, each title for only $5.


Jen said...

Next road trip had better be to Halifax to see me :)
Glad to know that it's not just me afraid of bridges. I go on a bridge quite a bit on a bus and it freaks me out. I look straight ahead and either listen to music or talk to someone... I feel for you.
I want Casper!!
Seriously jealous ladies!

Emily said...

I literally love you guys, come to London!

Angie said...

Jen - neither of us had ever been on a bridge that big before, we were FREAKED out!

Emily - *sniffle* we're touched! we're super happy you found us! are there any scary bridges in London? As I recall, there's one London bridge I always heard was falling down.

Jen said...

Ya, bridges are scary things. The ones here aren't too bad. Although one has like no siding... it's too freaky for my liking.