Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gnomeo and Juliet Trailer!

Remember when Chantilly told you about Gnomeo and Juliet? No? Read here. All caught up? Great.

Well here's the trailer, where you can see the little lawn Gnome fall in love and enter into all kinds of shenanipoos.

Although it looks cute, and family movies are definitely getting better with more aspects to entertain the parents as much as the kids (ie jokes that go over kiddy's head but make mom and dad giggle), I still find movie-making is getting lazy. Movies about board games, old tv shows, websites, and now lawn gnomes? Are they even trying anymore? They're just picking objects and making movies.

Well, I can make a movie too.

*Angie looks around her bedroom*

Ok, ok. So this... umm... roll of socks... named... Silas... falls in love with... ummm... a pair of undies named Ursula. Their families don't approve, because they're just. too. different. Star crossed lovers, you might say. When Ursula Undies goes into the laundry, Silas goes on an unprecedented journey of sock-love into the basement laundry room to rescue Ursula from the crushing depths of the washing machine and eventual battering in the dryer cycle.



Powdered Toast Man said...

that movie looks cute. It reminds me of A Gnome named Norm. I think that was the name of the movie.

Your movie idea sounds brilliant. Have the script on my desk by next month.

Angie said...

PTM - I'll get writing. I was also thinking of incorporating a lint monster. Thoughts?

Jen said...

Lint monster would be a great villian. Since he is basically dust, he would need to cough after every sentence like a smoker lol.

Chantale said...

Ang - This is why you're my most favourite person in the whole wide world.