Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help Get Us On The A-Channel Morning Show!

Help us get on TV. There. I said it. Simple and to the point.

A-Channel is a local TV station with all the goodies - news, weather, and snazzy morning show. And we want in.

Are you a true Cin-Ob? Will you help us achieve our goal? You know you wanna...

Take a moment and send an email to  and tell them to have us on the show! Recent guests have included a plus-sized model, and bankrupcy lawyers. COME ON! We could DEFINITELY entertain more than those people. Go ahead - tell them how much these two sisters from Ottawa have obsessed over movies like nobody's business, how they've made you laugh, maybe made you cry, but most importantly helped you come outta the Cin-Ob closet. Masked Critic and Jenn, we're talking to you.

If this works, we'll be sure to post the video clip, since most of y'all aren't even in Ottawa. But that doesn't matter, cuz you'll get to see it.

So come on... fire off that email!!! Get us on TV! You never know WHAT we'll do when the cameras are rolling!
CALL THEM! Toll free 1.800.461.2476
Do you tweet? Let them know you wanna see us @AMorningOttawa

1 comment:

Jen said...

When I am a little more awake, I shall write an email. It will be more witty that way.