Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jurassic Park: The Musical!

Check out this amazers musical version of Jurassic Park! I'm way too lazy to research who these people are, or why they did this, so just shut up and watch. I'm sorry, that came out all wrong. What I meant was don't care too much about the logistics of this video, just enjoy. There, much nicer.

Anyways, from the looks of the surroundings it seems they're in someone's backyard. Amateur, right? But no! The camera pans to the right and boom - a LIVE BAND accompanying the troupe. Wowz. And look how many people are in the audience! Did they sell tickets to this shit? And by shit I mean amazing piece of theatre that I need a ticket to immediately.

Jurassic Park the Musical Part 1 from Mark Hennings on Vimeo.

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Jamie Gibbs said...

This is damn awesome. I wish my neighbourhood had this :( This needs a budget and John Williams, it'll be epic!