Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kevin Smith Protests Dogma

Oh. My. Lordy.

I've watched An Evening with Kevin Smith a zillion and a half times, so I've always been curious about the story he tells about protesting his own movie, Dogma (1999). It's not like I didn't believe him, but his stories seem so ridiculous, over the top, and hilarious, that it seems hard to fathom them taking place in reality.

So one day I smacked myself in the head and thought "Why haven't I looked for this moment on YouTube?" Kev's fans SURELY would have posted it IF it existed! And BOOM here we go. Watch Kevin Smith pretend he's not Kevin Smith while joining the Christian protestors for his film. Talk about a good sport.

Now for a Cin-Ob recommendation -- if you enjoy Kevin Smith's films, you've GOT to check out the "Evening With..." collection. So far there are three. They are question/answer sessions between Kev and the crowd, and believe us - this man is an AMAZING storyteller and stand-up comedian and you won't be able to handle the hilariousness of his anecdotes which include personal stories about Tim Burton ripping him off, Prince hiring him and being a total wacko, and enough potty-mouthed filthy stories about his buddy Jason Mewes to last a lifetime.


Jamie Gibbs said...

When he mentioned this in the DVD I was in creases. I like that they didn't show the rest of his sign that says "Dogma Dogs**t". Kevin Smith is a legend. Apparently Scott Mosier was standing next to him aswell.

Mike Lippert said...

When he says "I don't know, but it's not good," I laughed out loud a lot. That is satire at it's very sharpest.

Christina In Wonderland said...

That is absolutely genius. I love Kevin Smith.

Dan said...

I never knew he did that. Great stuff!