Friday, September 24, 2010

Review - Repo! The Genetic Opera

I was recently introduced to this movie by my friends here at Cinema Obsessed! I do love myself a good musical, but I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this movie before I even watched it!

From what I could gather from the description of this movie, is that it was a musical about a repo man, but not the same type of repo man that normally takes your furniture back. This one takes your organs!!! I think I was scared to watch it because of what I had heard about Repo Men. I thought it would be as ugly as that movie.

It honestly took me a few weeks to gather the strength or “guts” to watch it. When the movie starts, it immediately grabs you and doesn’t let go.

The story is based around the fact that most of the population of earth is dying because their organs are failing. This company then steps up to allow people transplants to save their lives. They also allow you to finance the transplant if you can’t afford the whole thing in the first place. But each contract comes with fine print that if you miss a payment...they send Repo Man!

The songs are extremely catchy and the characters are exquisite! I even have to say that Paris Hilton delivered quite a performance! Sarah Brightman is also in this movie, and I absolutely loved her!

This film is bound to gain itself a good cult following. I found out its also a remake of a 2006 short film version, where the graverobber is played by the same actor (who by the way wrote, composed and produced both versions)!! There is one scene in particular for which I get goosebumps. It has the “graverobber” himself and Shilo in the back streets hiding from the police. This guy’s voice is so mesmerizing, deep and it’s the sexiest scene in the movie! Yum!

Idiot disabled embedding, so CLICK HERE to watch!

Go out and watch it, you’ll love it!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I have the "Chase the Morning" song on my playlist that Shilo & Sarah Brightman sing together. At first I was like WTF?? at this movie when i first started to get into it but I thought it was kickass!! I love what happens to Paris! =)

Jonathan said...

LOL Yes, it was so awesome! You are right!

Although you have to admit she did a pretty good job. At first I didn't even recognize her until the street scene.

Simon said...

Paris Hilton was horrid, but blessedly scarce.

And I think it's a cult classic because it was designed to be one. Nobody makes this kind of movie expecting grand worldwide success.

Loved it. Especially 'Zydrate Anatomy'.