Friday, September 3, 2010

Things You Might Like... or not... no pressure

Well, who doesn't love the Friday before a long weekend? You don't? Get lost.

Anyways, here are some things you might enjoy!


An amazing place to find tons of other movie bloggers. Some talented folks in the bunch, fo sho. Last month we had the honour of being number ONE on the LAMB Leaderboard, which means lots of Cin-Obs were visiting them! So let's keep it up! Go check them out for awesome regular features, and to discover new blogs!

Cin-Ob Speak!

It's a podcast, people.

We're trying to get out two episodes a week, in which we chat about all genres of film, make fun lists, and play Stump the Cin-Ob (a quiz game).

You might not be that internet-savvy, and asking "What the hell is a podcast, girls?" To that I say, an internet radio show! You can listen at your computer, you can download episodes and put them on your iPod, burn them onto cds, and listen on the go!

Click on the banner to visit our friends at DimpleArt, who give us amazing caricatures! Get one for your blog! All done online, easy and affordable! While we're on the subject, CLICK HERE to help decide our next caricature, and win a prize!

We have another contest goin' on to win a double-pass to an advanced screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife, in 3D! So if you're in the Ottawa area and want to come out for the show on September 9th, get the details HERE!

And don't forget about...


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Jen said...

Two episodes a week! YAY!
Now you need to work on every day so I can end my day with a good laugh :)

Checking out the Lamb right now.