Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WHO AM I? (Special Edition)

This is a very special edition of WHO AM I. This guy's all grown up, but we knew him very well when he was a child. It's all in reverse! AHHH!!

Ahem, sorry. So not many people know this dude as the actor, but the character he portrayed is legendary (to some... like us).

WHO IS HE? Tell us first in the comments and become the new CIN-OB SUPREME!

With this comes bragging rights, a post of your choice on Friday (or guest post if you're so inclined) and Chantale and I will come over to your place for a full scale Gone With The Wind re-enactment, complete with frilly dresses, bitch-slapping, burning buildings, and a complete civil war re-enactment. So get comfy. It's gonna take HOOUURRS! Also, we're auditioning for a Rhett Butler so send your headshots and resum├ęs to info@cinemaobsessed.com


Emily said...

Is it by any chance the guy that played the geek in the John Hughes movies? Anthony something?

Grump said...

It's Charlie Bucket!

Alex said...

Dang Grump got here before me! Charlie Bucket was my guess as well.

C. M. Dobson said...

Darnit! Grump beat me. I agree it's Charlie. :)

Jonathan said...

It's Peter Ostrum! I know it's already been guessed, but I thought I'd be a smart ass and put his real name! :D