Sunday, October 17, 2010

The 89 Second Review: Jackass 3D

Here is our 89 Second Review for Jackass 3D! Keep in mind that '89 Seconds' is pretty much just a concept at this point. Once we get going, we just can't stop!

Also I (Angie) have gone back to brunette. I was tired of breaking so many hearts as a blonde.


Jen said...

I'm sure you broke lots of hearts Angie. Or at least had them laughing.

quizshowbob said...

That was awesome. I will have to put up one of my old videos sometime.

JRL said...

Love the umbrella indoors! Ballsy, yet classic!

Angie said...

Jen, I just couldn't handle the men falling at my feet anymore.

Bob, thanks, now let's see your vids!

JRL, it was a risky move. You know it's bad luck. Plus we coulda taken an eye out.

Jen said...

I just watched this as my headphones were in the other room and I was too lazy to get them.
You two are totally extreme. I mean jumping off the porch is scary lol.