Friday, October 29, 2010

Charismatic Character: Ichabod Crane

We featured Ichabod Crane as a Charismatic Character a long time ago, but since All Hallow's Eve is upon us (mua ha ha ha!), we figured it's time for a redo.

This movie freaked us RIGHT out as kids. The creepy whistling, Bram's scary story/song, the dark forest, the bridge, the scary cackling laughter... *shudder* ughhhghhh it just makes me feel weird, even now.

Also, how can you go wrong with Bing Crosby as the narrator? If you've never seen this classic family friendly Halloween flick, check it out. I promise, even as an adult, you'll be a wee bit spooked.

Ichabod is a ladies man (somehow) and a massive glutton. He's a lanky, awkward, cowardly, dorky school-teacher that you'll love from the first moment you see him. As much as we loved Johnny Depp's 1999 portrayal of this character, this animated one is the real OG.

Are they shovels or are they feet? We say they're more like massive canoes.

Walt Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1958)
(Jump to 3:35 for the Ichabod song)

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