Saturday, October 2, 2010

Design Changes

Hey Cin-Obs. Question for ya. Listen up.

A lot of people in the blogging world have pretty strong preferences about black backgrounds with white text versus white background and black text. And those that hate black with white writing always seem to REALLY hate it, even saying they avoid blogs altogether if they are designed this way. We don't have a preference when it comes to reading blogs. It doesn't bother us.

So to put it simply - should we change our design to white with black writing?

Please comment here or vote on the poll up on the right!

Thanks, YO!


Dan said...

I think the black background/white letters works for your site and its content.

At one point I wanted to do some design change on my blog, and went to black background for a day - my problem was it clashed with my content.

You two have a party spirit that's awesome. Parties are best into the evening... which makes the black background exactly right... is that beer over there inthe ice bucket?..

Oops. Got carried away there.

DEZMOND said...

Angie, the question about white letters on black background isn't an aesthetic, but a medical one :) Most people have serious sight problems with such design because to everyone who has a bit weaker sight those letters float and jump if the background is too dark.
I myself tend not to visit such sites, for the same reason, not because I don't like them but because after visiting them I need at least a few minutes to recover my vision. It's a serious thing, even though it might sound as a joke.

And I know a huge number of people who avoid sites with overly dark design for the same reason.

Nebular said...

Angie, Chantale... leave it as it is! Black background with white text looks much more stylish and "expensive", and the white background is so overly-simplistic and so cliche!
I'm wearing glasses myself, because of slight sight problems, but reading white text on dark background doesn't bother me at all.
In fact, I recently changed the design and the color palette of my blog as well, and I also picked darker colors for the background.

P.S. I think Dezmond's exaggerating.

Chuck said...

I can read your blog very easily. Leave it as it is.

quizshowbob said...

I like it as it is. I think that the design of the blog should fit the content of the blog.
I think that you should design your blog for yourself and not other people.
I went through 12 years of school reading white chalk on a blackboard. I had no problem with it.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I'm 100% okay with your design, and I think the white on black feels more fitting for a cinema blog. But I can see how others might have a problem reading it. How about a compromise between the two?

Chantale said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We would never want our site to be hard on the eyes, and we know some people find it difficult, as Dez said, which is why we had to put it out there and ask the readers what they think. Appreciate the comments!

Wednesday's Child said...

Oh, self-centered me, I thought because I liked the white text on black that everyone liked it! Don't change it.

Georgina Dollface said...

I'm glad you asked so I'll give you an honest answer...the white text on black is really, really hard on my eyes.(It's also a potential migraine trigger) For blogs that don't syndicate their full content in readers, I just have to skip them because reading the post is just too hard. Your content is syndicated in Reader so that's where I get it. Perhaps a grey or charcoal background would be a little less hard on the eyes, but still give your blog that stylish cinematic feel that the others are referring to. Have fun with the options and thanks for asking for feedback. Cheers - G

Jen said...

It seems like everyoe has a preference so it's hard to make it great for everyone. Some find the current style is hard on the eyes while others find the black writing on wite hard on the eyes
9like myself).
It's a hard decision.