Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Your Consideration: 2010 Special Achievement Award - The Movie 411!

Wowza! We've been nominated for an award at The Movie 411! And not just any award! This one fits into the "Special Awards" category. I always knew we were special. Our Mom said so.

As per The Movie 411: Nominations for The Special Achievement Award should be for movie bloggers that have been around for a while, they will at least have 500 followers, been on a blog site for at least 1 year, contain exceptional posts, have done a lot of work to help other bloggers and gone that extra mile with their blogs.

The only requirement to cast your vote is to have your own blog. So click the picture below to nominate! The blogs with the most nominations get put up for voting by the general public. So all you Cin-Obs with blogs, get in there and nominate! Please. Pretty please. With sour-patch kids on top :)

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