Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: The Exorcist

The following theatrical trailer for The Exorcist (1973) was banned after studio execs (based on audience feedback) decided it was too frightening.

I mean, seriously, this movie disturbed me and turned me off of pea soup forever, but this trailer is not so frightening that it should have been banned. It might cause an epileptic attack on the viewer, but that's about it. Have a look.

What do you think?


KeLLy aNN said...

You gotta remember the year, 1973..
People had a complete different mindset, still very religious and superstitious. We were living in VEGAS and people were still in a twist about it. That kind of visual effects had to be done by people on drugs!

quizshowbob said...

I remember all of the brohaha about this movie when it first came out. People lined up around the block to see it. I remember seeing on the news some lady being carried out of the theater on a stretcher because she freaked out while watching it.
I went to see it about a week later. I was like 'whatever'. It's not THAT scary

Christina In Wonderland said...

It's a little weird, I'll admit, and very annoying. But I don't think it's that scary, but, then again, back in the 1970s, scary had a different meaning. We're all used to scary stuff now. Conditioned to be completely okay with it.

Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Call me desensitized, but the Exorcist didn't scare me at all, I found it kind of funny (though I did watch the Scary Movie 2 parody first, hehe). And I agree, the flashy trailer was a little annoying more than anything else.

Angie said...

All good points. I guess people back then weren't used to gory scary crap like we are now, all desensitized. But I still maintain that this particular trailer didn't seem SO frightening to me that it should be banned. Also, I just finished reading the book, The Exorcist. What a read! So currently I'm obsessed with it. haaha I'm sick.