Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Jennifer Aniston!

That's right, it's Rachel Jennifer Aniston!

Actually, in the 90s I totally got my hair cut like Rach. It was the cool thing to do. Too bad I didn't take into account the crazy curliness of my hair when I got it cut this way. It turned out like a curly mullett mess. Not too hot.

Anyways, our newest Cin-Ob Supreme is BOB of Bob-O-Rama, with his second win! Yeeehaw! Stay tuned, because his post of choice comes later, and it's actually from a movie I've never seen, but am now totally intrigued about. I get giddy when people introduce me to new stuff. Makes me tingly. Whoa not like that, settle down perv.

1 comment:

Dan said...

I wonder what it feels like to be Jennifer's that feeling of being completely untalented but super rich. I guess I could live with that! ;)