Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favourite "That Guy"

Ladies and Gents, I want to introduce you to Sean Whalen. You know him affectionately as "That Guy." He's had some amazing minor/supporting roles and done lots of tv, and his distinctive face always makes you remember him. But you've never, ever known his name. Well, it's time to know it.

Let me remind you why you know him.

He played Josie Gellar's self-centred receptionist in Never Been Kissed (1999). He was always trying to come up with the newest empowering slogan. "Power is powerful" and so on.

He played Allan, a member of the loveable gang of storm-chasers in Twister (1996). He's such a "that guy" that I couldn't for the life of me find a photo of him in the role.

Also in 1996 was That Thing You Do in which he played the crazy hilarious FIRST fan of the Oneders (pronounced Wonders). No photos available, damnit. But you know the character.

In 2000 he played the foiled terrorist in the amazing opening scene of Charlie's Angels.

He also had small roles in the 1995 Pauly Shore comedy Jury Duty as the accused murderer.

... and as a guest of the amazing karaoke party that goes down in The Cable Guy (1996).

You can also spot Sean in some gems such as The People Under The Stairs (1991), Batman Returns (1992), and Waterworld (1995).

So tell me... do you know Sean as well as I do?


quizshowbob said...

Oh yes. The Oneders fan. I actually credit him with the success of the Wonders. If he hadn't asked about the record, they might not have made one. He should have gotten a cut of the royalties.

Alex said...

Weird, I was just watching him in The Hebrew Hammer and looking him to realize I'd seen him in a ton of other movies!

Christina In Wonderland said...

He definitely is one of those guys that gets around in a lot of movies. I seriously love when I spot him in one. Lol.

Angie said...

I'm so happy you guys recognize him too!

Mr. Mike D. said...

Good god... recognize him? That man is Neal, aka Frogurt, aka The Frozen One, aka the most anticipated character in Lost history due to the fact that producers Lindelof/Cuse mentioned him in a podcast as a "upcoming interesting new character" and then never put him on the show for two years.... until he took a flaming arrow to the chest!!!!! One of the best scenes on Lost, ever!!!!

Rachel said...

The "Got Milk?" campaign use to make hilarious commercials, and I will always remember Sean's because it was the funniest one of the lot. I always remember it when I see him around in movies on and t.v.