Friday, November 26, 2010

A New Favour - This Time More Noble Than Blog Awards

Hi Cin-Obs. I have a serious request for you. This time it's not about voting us as sexy bloggers or shit like that.

Chantale won't ask, cuz she's humble like that, but I'm gonna ask for her.

Chantale, my lovely sister, is the supervisor of a support program for adults with developmental disibilities. She and her staff take care of them, teach them life skills, get them out in the community, and overall improve their quality of life. That's right boys, she's sexy AND she's a saint. And siiinnggllle.

The agency is called Innovative Community Support Services.

ICSS has been entered into a local contest called the Community Revival Project, sponsored by a local restaurant, for a chance to win $25,000! To be clear, the money would be to support the program and enrich the lives of the participants, NOT going into Chanty's wallet. Not by any means.

I'm asking for the Cin-Obs, and maybe those of you who are just stopping by for the first time, to please take a moment and visit THIS LINK to cast your vote for ICSS. They ask for your email address along with your vote, but they won't spam you. You might just get email coupons for dinner at a Joey's restaurant near you.

And also, Chantale and I made the video you'll see when you cast your vote. Yay for Windows movie maker!

The money would go very far in helping these people, so let's rally the Cin-Ob power for a charitable cause this time! Hooray! Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the moment to vote. Love yaz!

Click here to read an article about ICSS and the contest in the local paper.


The Masked Critic said...

I'll do anything for you guys & a good cause.

Chantale, you're a beautiful person.

Jen said...

This is a great cause and it's good to know that Chantale does something awesome :).

PS. Your last name is suiting :)

KeLLy aNN said...

I voted!
You chicks rock all kinds of good ways! "}

Angie said...

Thanks everyone! Chanty is the best sisty ever. hahahaa!!

Adam said...

Voted. It's a bit of a walk to any branch of Joeys for me! Any chance of some free plane tickets? At a push, a time-travelling police box will do!!!

Christina In Wonderland said...

This is a subject that's close to me, after all, my sister has Down Syndrome and I understand the need for these kinds of outreach and community support programs. *hug* This is one more reason for me to love the both of you. And, Chantale, you really are a saint. I'm going to go vote now. *double hug*

Angie said...

Thanks Christina!!! We're happy to hear you understand :)

Chantale said...

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your support!