Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Helen Hunt!

We told you it was an easy one! That's not to take away from your insane genius ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND. You truly are a Cin-Ob Supreme! Wear your title proudly and tell all who cross your path that you recognize Helen Hunt at any effin' age!



Oh My God! Where to start. We did it Angie and Chantale! I'd like to thank my mom for instilling in me the hang-ups I have today, the Lord Jesus for being the BFF anyone could ever have, The FBI for putting my crook agent on their "Most Wanted" list, give it up Morty they're gonna take you down! I'd like to thank Connie Sellecca for some reason, and I'd like to say thanks to ME for being the star on top of everyones's Christmas tree and the spin in everyone's Dradle.

Chantale said...

YESSS! First official acceptance speech! Nice one Asshole.