Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Humphrey Bogart!

That's right - the cutie patootie is none other than Humphrey Bogart! Good guessin' Jonathan! You're a Cin-Ob Supreme once again! Although you've pretty much never lost the title, having won this game more than any other Cin-Ob!

Everyone check out Jo-Jo's website, it's totally amazing. They've got everything you need for the soul, not to mention a great new e-book that they worked VERY hard on, called Astrology - Interpretation and Divination. This book doesn't just tell you your horoscope, it'll teach you how to read the stars and do your own astrology. Sorry Jonathan, I realize "do" your own astrology ain't quite correct, but hey - I haven't read the book yet. But it's selling like hot-cakes so get your hands on one today!

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