Thursday, December 9, 2010

Swan's Video Surveillance Center

Oh Dear Lord. I just had a religious experience. Ari from The Swan Archives, one of our most favie sites since it obsesses over our most favouritest movie ever, Phantom of the Paradise (1974), has just created something magnifique.

The new section of the website, Swan's Video Surveillance Center will take you through the movie scene by scene with a sort of fan commentary. But don't be fooled - Ari ain't no regular fan. He has knowledge out the wazoo, some crazy insider stuff, and details that obsessed fans like us eat up.

Through his witty, encyclopedic knowledge of the production, the actors, the effing props for God's sakes, and the writer/director, Ari will give you an inside look at the film like only a true Phantom phan can. Or maybe they're called phanatics. I'm not sure. Either way, I wanna copywright that term. Mine!

Be sure to check out his merchandise section as well to see Cinema Obsessed's very own design, a Phantom t-shirt.

And if you haven't seen this movie, get the hell outta here and watch it. And report back.

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