Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Would Like to See Musical Versions Of... (Part 2)

Remember when, for no good reason, I started imagining some of my fave flicks as musicals? Well just when you thought I was done... I wasn't. HEYO!

Star Trek

Spock/Uhura - star-trek-2009 fan artIn this epic space opera, we would have a mix of large scale orchestral sounds, mixed with some bleep blooping computer techno. It would be a melding of two worlds.

Speaking of melds, Spock and Uhura would have a love duet called "Mind Meld My Heart." I'm basing this, of course, on the 2009 prequel in which we learned Spock and Uhura were like totally doing it.

The Enterprise crew and the Romulans would have a dance battle, à la Sharks vs Jets, very fosse-ish with snapping fingers and pointy toes (and ears). Obviously Kirk would have a spoken word solo, entitled "Beam. Me. Up."


As well as being poetic, beautiful, and colourful, I also picture Avatar: The Musical to have a hip-hop feel.

Neytiri's introductory number would be a crazy tribal dance with some hard-core beats, called "I Whip My Tail Back and Forth." Jake Sulley, after falling in love, would have a song that would drive the tweens wild, called "One Less Lonely Na'vi."

Quaritch, our villain, would of course sing his hatred in a giant group dance with the machine suit dudes, and it would be called "Blue Savages."


Anonymous said...

I don't think the "Avatar" idea is all that far-fetched to executives...it would blow the Spidey musical out of the water in terms of effects (and thus costs).

The Masked Critic said...

I blame you if ANY of these come true.

Angie said...

hahaha thanks Marshall! That's the one I'd most like to see.

MC - blame me all you want, but I'll be enjoying my big fat cheque. LOL!