Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tantalizing Trivia: Burton's Stripes

Katrina Van Tassel's dress in the final scene of Sleepy Hollow (1999) is a direct reference to Tim Burton's other film, Beetlejuice (1988).

Another deleted scene from Sleepy Hollow pays hommage to Beetlejuice when the Headless Horseman dances around in a red wedding dress to Daylight Come.

Ok I made that last part up, but wasn't it a great visual in your imagination?


Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

Hehe, Christopher Walken (or even Ray Park) doing the Daylight Come dance would have been awesome. You can see the Burton stripes/swirls in most of his other movies too. I think Mars Attacks! and Planet of the Apes are the only 2 un-Burtony movies I can think of. I think even his rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate factory has some spirally bits in it too.

Steps for a successful Burton flick:
1. Black/white stripes
2. swirls and spirals
3. it has to snow.
4. Johnny Depp

One or all of these mark it as a Burton movie :P

Angie said...

So true Jamie! We love catching glimpses of T-Burt's signature things. You're forgetting Danny Elfman and references to dogs. It's true, look it up! haha :)

Jen said...

Jack Skellington wore a striped suit too lol.

Angie said...

Yes Jen! And the scarecrow from the opening sequence of Nightmare appears in a scene in Sleepy Hollow!