Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Win Passes to The Eagle!

Calling all Ottawa Cin-Obs!! CinemaObsessed.com wants to give you a double pass to see The Eagle in theatres! Comment on this post with your top 3 reasons why you love (or hate) Channing Tatum and you could win! Winner will also receive a poster and book!

It's easy! Go!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I wish I was in Ottawa because I do want to see this! He's hot!!!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Karen Kaye said...


1. He can dance (Step Up)
2. He can be romantic (Dear John)
3. He is funny (any interview I've seen)

If I wasn't old enough to be his mother...


The Masked Critic said...

I strongly dislike hanning Tatum because:

1) He is SLIGHTLY more attractive than me.
2) I can't spell his name without using Google.
3)Was in a Ricky Martin music video.

Jen said...

Why must these contests be so far away.
I think plane tickets should be provided(plus a bed).
That's my thought!

Anonymous said...

I'm from OZ and I want to see it too. Not for the reasons you ladies might though. I just like these old genre movies with hard fought blood sweat and tears battles.
from Ernie (catsgocosmic)

Kesha Tickets said...

Its great to see that people are sharing quite profitable information with each other and now we can move our selves to a new era.

JRL said...

I both love and hate Mr. Tatum

Why i love him:

1) Why doesn't love a good ol' Alabama Boy. When he talks with his accent it makes me laugh.
2) He talks well of Samuel L. Jackson. I could listen to him talk about that man all day.

Why i Hate him:

3) He promised to take me on a fishing trip... he never called me back