Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jim Carrey is Mr. Popper!

I don't know if this classic book (orig published in 1938) was a part of your childhood or not, but it certainly was for us!

The life of a businessman begins to change after he inherits six penguins, and as he transforms his apartment into a winter wonderland, his professional side starts to unravel. [IMDB]

We talked about this flick long ago, but now it's fully happening, with posters and trailers and promos, oh my! We also know for sure now that this will be a modern version of the book, and not the depressing depression-era of the original story.

Yes, the premise is ridiculous, but this is gonna be good ol' family fun, just like the book was.

Watch the trailer, if not only for the amazingly cute dance sequence.


Belgie said...

Hahaha its so cute i like it..

Angie said...

Me too! I'm so glad Jim was cast in this role :)

inMovies said...

There’s nothing like a good ol’ family movie to brighten everyone’s day. This movie looks wholesome and adorable. Penguins are hard not to love, and paired with Jim Carey – will be hard not to laugh at least once. Glad he finally came around and decided to take on this role and make it happen. Will be great for kids, and to those familiar with the popular 1938 book.