Friday, April 8, 2011


This one might be a little too easy, but it was worth posting anyway just so you could see what he looked like as a kid. Amazing! and Pudgy!

Become the new Cin-Ob Supreme by being the first to tell us who he became in the comments! Winner gets a post of their choice next week, as well as bragging rights like you've never seen. Pick up chicks in bars easily by telling them your new title. Get that job you've always wanted by putting this on your resumé. Be admitted into top-secret government areas like NASA, FBI and CIA headquarters, just by flashing your Cin-Ob Supreme badge! (badge not included)

So go on then! Who is he?


Tricia and Aaron said...

Alfred Molina?

Mr. Mike D. said...

That would be RUSSELL BRAND!!!!

I love the new header ladies... keep up the good work!!!!

Dude I Got Your 80's said...

Herman Munster ?

Chuck said...

John Candy