Friday, May 13, 2011

T-Shirt Bordello Gives Horror Fans and Geeks a Thrill!

Don (of the dead) from T-Shirt recently bestowed upon us some amazing t-shirts and horror memorabilia, and we are always grateful for swag.

Check out what he sent us!

Buy it HERE!

Buy it HERE!

You can get these shirts too for good prices and reasonable shipping. Plus where else are you gonna get this amazing selection of geek culture, including references to some of our favie flicks and pop-culture stuff like Star Wars, This is Spinal Tap, all things Star Trek, Zombieland, Ghostbusters, bacon, Superbad, Adam West, etc etc etc. The list could go on forever. These guys know their dork memorabilia!

They also run a booming zombie control business. Want to have up-to-the-minute news on where undead outbreaks are happening? Want answers to some serious zombie health and safety concerns? Want to read up on practical zombie apocalypse survival tips? Want to report zombies in your area? Then don't miss

And get some amazing zomerabilia at their etsy store HERE!

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