Monday, May 16, 2011


This handsome young thing grew up to play some pretty unforgettable and legendary roles, and is now a highly respected elder in the film community.

Who is he? Be the first to tell us correctly in the comments and become this week's Cin-Ob Supreme, a title that will allow you to walk down the street with a certain glow about you, and ladies will faint, and gentlemen will whisper as you pass, "Is that the Cin-Ob Supreme? What a handsome chap! / lovely mademoiselle!"

Oh yeah, and we'll also let you take control of our site on Friday! Submit a guest post, or plain ol' boss us around and tell us what to write about! You da boss!

Aaaaand GO!


Karen Kaye said...

That has to be the still hot Ian McKellen. Doesn't matter what team he bats for. He's still easy on the eyes!

The Director said...

Ian McKellen for sure. Before the Gandalf days, obviously.....