Friday, June 3, 2011

Clever Credits: Let's Go To Prison

This 2006 comedy was largely overlooked, and most people have never heard of it. But this is just another one of those hidden gems that we're always telling people to watch. So WATCH IT, ok? Gawwdd.

Seriously though, it's funny. Kind of a dark comedy, but still hilar. Plus I'll watch anything with Will Arnett.

You know how most movies deliver the end credits in a boring, black-background fashion? Lame. Well some movies give 'em to ya in a more creative, fun way to watch, that actually makes you stay in your theatre seat a little longer, or delay hitting stop on the remote control. This is one of them.

There's a running joke throughout Let's Go To Prison about this particular song, and this seemingly-improv'd scene totally captures my heart... and makes me giggle. Enjoy.

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