Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sublime Soundtrack: Grace of My Heart

Grace of My Heart (1996) is one of our favourite films here at It didn't receive much hype or critical acclaim, but it certainly deserved it.

The story is fictional, but very closely resembles a biopic. The film follows singer/songwriter Denise Waverly as she rises to fame as a 60s songwriter. She composes her music for a doo-wop girl group, and the audience watches the ups and downs of her personal life, and her struggles in the music biz.

Grace of My Heart has a soundtrack like no other, spanning the styles of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. What's more impressive is that most of the music is original to the film. And crikey, are the songs catchy. (Sorry, I seem to have had an Aussie attack)

Anyways, start to finish this movie will have you tapping your toes and wondering where you will have to go to special order the CD. Good luck finding either the soundtrack or the DVD of the film... both are scarce. But if you see it, don't pass it up.

Watch the snippet below for a taste of the sublime soundtrack that is Grace of My Heart.

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