Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Event Horizon: A Classic Review

Although it was a total flop upon its release, Event Horizon (1997) has stuck with a lot of fans. As some flops do, it became a cult classic... which we definitely worship.

Services on Sundays from 9-11, in our basement. Bring your space suit. Sam Neill be with you. And also with you.

This movie has errrrverything a good sci-fi flick should have - people in suspended animation in big tubes, space-walking, exploding eyeballs, zero gravity, devices that make no sense, sliding doors, and airlocks.

To explain quickly, a ship goes on a rescue mission to save the Event Horizon... a ship that was missing for years... and nobody knows where it went. It's abandoned and creepy as shit. I won't tell you where the ship went, cuz I don't spoil like that. But it wasn't to Munchkinland, I'll tell you that.

So bad stuff happens (ie explosions, hull breaches), yadda yadda, the new crew are stuck on the old, broken ship and must repair it so they can go home before the ship's creepo atmosphere claims them as victims. Also they hallucinate and go space-crazy.

Sam Neill's sciency character has hallucinations about his dead wife (guys, you get to see boobies, they're dead but hey - to each his own), Fishburne is haunted by a former crew member, feeling guilty for the guy's death in space flames. Seriously, it's cool. Fire in zero gravity? Awesome. Joely is tortured by images of her sick son. So basically, the Event Horizon fucks with people by using their greatest fears, weaknesses, regrets, and general mental sore spots. What a jerk, that ship.

The cast includes:

Sam "I play scientists" Neill
Laurence "I think I'm really intense" Fishburne
Joely "no clever middle name" Richardson
Sean "this ship is fucked" Pertwee
Kathleen "Nobody knows me from anything but this movie" Quinlan
Jack "nobody knows who I am except Angie" Noseworthy
Jason "Lucious Malfoy" Isaacs
Richard T. "the T is for token black guy" Jones

This movie also made me girly-giddy because I totally have a thing for Jack Noseworthy. And not a friendly thing... a "let's hop into that sleeping tube and get space-nasty" kinda thing. I know, it's weird, but little known actors really get me bothered and hot. Or cold, cuz we're in space. I digress.
This movie has stuck with us, since we love all things bizarre. If you've never heard of it, go rent it. That's an order, Cin-Obs.

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JRL said...

The first time i watched this movie, i nearly sh!t myself. It's so creepy, so twisted, and oh so good. One of my favorite sci-fi movies. Good choice ladies!

Dan said...

There's always been something missing for me in Event Horizon but that's because I'm probably comparing it to classics like Alien. But what it is and always has been is damn creepy. Great atmosphere and good performances.

JRL said...

PS - Laurence Fishburne IS intense!