Friday, August 28, 2009

Cube: A Classic Review

We're so proud of this one - a Canadian cult-classic!

This low-budget wonder (obvious by the lack of sets and re-use of the same set over and over) has captured film-frenzied hearts the world over with its bizarro, mysterious story.

Cube follows people waking up alone in weirdo coloured cube-shaped rooms. Duh. All with matching jumpsuits and name tags. Awesome.

They slowly make their way through the rooms and find each other, only to discover nobody knows where they are or how they ended up there.

Another crap-inducing discovery comes when they find that some of the rooms are booby trapped, and people start dropping like flies in insane ways. They have to navigate their way through the cube, and figure out what the hell is going on... and how to stay alive. DUN DUN DUN! (that was suspense music)

People start getting paranoid, cliques start forming, folks be dyin', theories start flyin', and people's true identities are revealed.

It's a great plot, and what's fun about it is that pretty much nothing gets explained in the end.

It's not about the destination for salvation, it's the journey.

Holy shit, that was deep. Whoa.

Anyways, Cube has even spawned 2 sequels. Cube 2: Hypercube (2002) (a mind-trippy cube in which the laws of time and physics don't apply) and Cube Zero (2004), the first movie in the series to show us scenes outside the cube).

The fourth movie is in production. Rubix Cube. Your time is up when the colours match up.

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JRL said...

YES LADIES! Amazing Movie
I wonder which handsome, amazing, movie loving gentleman introduced this movie to you guys way back in the day!
Absolute classic, and impossible to forget. It's so rare to find such a simple movie that can clinch you so tightly. Cube 2, terrible acting, interesting concept, and Cube Zero is quite the mind trap.
Makes me proud to be Canadian!

PS. They totally didn't use the same set over and over, they had a blue room, and a red room, and green room, and white room... see lots of sets!