Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! We love us some musicals, and the Weinstein Company, with director Rob Marshall (Chicago), are giving us Nine.

Haven't quite figured out how the title is relevant to the story, but we don't care!

Daniel Day Lewis stars as an aging Italian film director having a crisis while working on his newest film. He is conflicted by the women in his life - including his wife Luisa (Marion Cotillard), his mistress Carla (Penélope "I can roll my r's" Cruz), his film star muse Claudia (Nicole "I heart botox" Kidman), his confidant and costume designer Liliane (Judi "I'm a Dame" Dench), an American fashion journalist (Kate "romantic comedy" Hudson), the whore from his youth (Stacy "catface" Ferguson) and his mother (Sophia "plastic features" Loren). (Wikipedia)

Ahem... Fergie? Really? Your face is simply scary. Period. Stick to making crappy music, and not stinking up great movies.

And what's with the number 9 lately? We have Tim Burton's 9, we have District 9, and now Nine.

Whatevz, the trailer sparks our curiosity to the extreme, and we can't wait to see Daniel Day Lewis play someone who's not a scary mofo. Apparently he can really sing and dance! Atta boy! Chasse, cha cha, arabesque, kick ball change, pada beret, turn, and spirit fingers!


Anonymous said...

Fergie is supposed to look trashy, because she plays a hooker from his youth...She has one scene and it is entirely sung...(so no need to worry)... Plus, her voice sounds wonderful as you can tell by the singing in the trailer.

The Nine title comes from it being a musical remake of the great Fellini flick 8 1/2 (which was called 8 1/2 because it was Fellini's 8 1/2th movie.) The composer in 1982 called this musical Nine to account for the songs that were added. Also, in the story, Guido is working on his 9th film and many of his issues stem from when he was 9 years old.

Cinema Obsessed said...

Great info, thanks!

JRL said...

OHHHH, this isn't the only movie coming out called nine. WOW!
When i read the comments without context i was so confused. This whole time i was trying to figure out which creepy character Fergie was going to be playing. (Just couldn't really picture Fergie as an animated court room doll/hooker).