Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inside Man 2

After the success of Spike Lee's 2006 crime-drama, the gang is currently developing a sequel. Of course they are.

Denzel and Clive Owen have already confirmed they will return, but Jodie Foster is thinkin' it over.

No word yet on what the plot might be, but hopefully it's a continuation of the events in the first film. If they try to recreate the events under different circumstances (ie a different bank, a different country, a different item to steal) we'll be verrrrryy disappointed.

And of course they'll try to go for a new twist, like they did in the first... so movie-goers will automatically be trying to predict it from the start.

Be careful Spike Lee... don't go into M. Night Shyamalan territory. It's a dangerous road.

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