Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Charismatic Character: FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker

Only Willem Dafoe could play a gay cop who crossdresses and is still the scariest, most intimidating badass cops on the beat. Check out FBI Agent Paul Smecker and his quirky investigative style in Boondock Saints (1999).



How did I miss this?

mysterg said...

Looking forward to the sequel to one of the movies with the most interesting production histories of recent times.

Angie said...

@assholeboyfriend - Have you not seen Boondock Saints? Ahhh rent it immediately!

@mysterg - We're excited too! But nervous! We hope the movie's good, otherwise they've ruined a great film.

JRL said...

Said it once, i'll say it again - About Damn Time

It best be worth the wait.