Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your Daily Fix of Twilight! New Moon Stills! Eeeeek!

These photos will mean a LOT more to you if you've read the book. The day is coming soon where we can finally see this damn movie!


Christina said...

Yeah, I don't mean to brag or nothin' but the other day those Twilight ppl came to do some filming at the place where I work!
We had to fend off armies of teenage gals and stuff, it was bizarre!

So I guess now I'll have to watch the movie.

Christina said...

Oh, and Angie, just got your comment: thank youu! :)

Angie said...

OMG you lucky lady you! Get a glimpse of any of the cast???

Christina said...

Nah, not me. It was all secured and locked up to the public. They use those weird "black walls". But Kristen and Robert were definitely there. I saw some Paparazzi shots in the paper the next day.
It was madness!