Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fabulous Finds!

Geez it's been a while since we've given you Cin-Obs some advice on where to be thrifty DVD buyers. To be honest, we're broke as a joke currently since we're going on a tropical VACAY next week! Giddy-up! *Angie scratches her head and wonders if she was a cowboy in a past life... then thinks... "that would be aawwweeessome..." but then she thinks she would have been a reject cowboy who couldn't use a lasso and was a vegetarian and the other cowboys laughed at her behind her back.*

But I digress.

Just wanted to throw in some great stuff you can get for cheap. Granted, these are not "movies" per se, but they make great additions to the DVD collecsh (ok, that was an abbreviation for collection but I don't know if it worked in writing... say it out loud.. it works... I swear).

Wal Mart $5 Bin (best place on Earth)

Saturday Night Live - Best of:

Will Ferrell vol 1 & 2 (more cowbell!)
Molly Shannon (when I get nervous... I stick my fingers under my armpits...)
Alec Baldwin (people love my schweddy balls)
Christopher Walken (it's a guy.. in an ape suit...)
Jimmy Fallon (two words... Barry Gibb)
Steve Martin (two wild and crazy guys!)
Mike Myers (talk amongst yourselves)

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