Friday, November 20, 2009

5 Minutes of 2012!

See what all the hype (good and bad) is all about. Check out this crap-inducing scene from what appears to be part of the climax of 2012. Seems to be quite an incredible Exceptional Escape as well!


Jonathan said...

Now you see what I meant! The WHOLE movie was like this. Unbelievable bull crap! Please! A 12 year old could have done a better job at the script! Some parts even look like a made-for-tv movie!


MikeM said...

It works better with a different soundtrack:

mysterg said...

John Cusack sold out!

It was an orgy of CGI destruction with a two-dimensional script and an obvious ending.

That said, I liked the relationship between the scientist and his father.

Oh and Lazenby is definitely the best Bond, just as Diana Rigg is by far the hottest Bond girl.

The Masked Critic said...

Finally made my long awaited return to the movies this weekend and somehow got talked into seeing this. (But hey, it was free)

Big thank you to Woody Harrelson for playing himself in this movie!

The movie was tollerable. It def wasn't the worst film i've ever seen, but no where near the best.

The 1st half is slightly better than the last half and the last half was just so...convenient that it wasn't enjoyable.

JRL said...

Now I'm no structural Engineer... wait a minute, yes I am. This movie is garbage!
The most positive thing i think i can say is that it looks like a fun ride as long as you are willing to check common sense at the door.

Also, i'm not a pilot (which i'm not) however flying above ground level is usually easier than flying below it. Just sayin'!