Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holy Crap... see AVATAR!

So we did it... we saw Avatar. We usually avoid the theatre like the plague (since we believe movie-watching is an individual experience, served best without a room full of strangers crunching, munching, chatting, and kicking your chair).

We are HUGE fans of the drive-in, since we can sit alone in our car and make our own stupid running commentary in total privacy. But my point is, we braved the local theatre to see Avatar. After our friends raved about it, we had to. We even dragged the Cin-Ob Parents with us. Cuz we're cool like that. And so are our parents, ok? You don't even KNOW!

And let me tell you... our friends were right! DON'T MISS THIS MOVIE IN THEATRES! This is the first movie we've seen in digital 3D and we almost crapped our pants when it started. We were giddy, and we literally giggled for the first ten minutes of the film. How can we ever go back to boring ol' 2D movies?

Anyways I'm not gonna bore you guys with details (because this is one film you have to see for yourself) but it's more than a movie... it's a freakin' religious experience! No joke! We were blown away, and went out immediately to buy McDonald's happy meals so we could get the Avatar toy. It's true.

See the movie! The end.

Coming Soon: A Cinema Obsessed Christmas...


Anonymous said...

nice blog. i am quite the movie watching freak myself. avatar is a cinematic experience!

mysterg said...

Shushy now! No spoilers!

bitras said...

Avatar is a great cinema which spreads the sentence of "Humanity always wins". Love never be cheated.
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JRL said...

I will certainly agree with you girls on this one! Not the greatest movie in terms of plot depth, but there are just SOOOO many other aspects of this movie that really.. who cares if there is a plot. What a world that was created for our 3D viewing pleasure!!!

PS - as if this is the first 3d movie you guys have seen. Not too shabby eh!

tushar joshi said...

I think this is best movie i ever seen. What a technology they use ?
and their imagination is super.
I have no words which i say for this movie. Thanks to all avatar team to give us such movie to watch it.

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