Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Wow, we had some very varied guesses on this one! We got Geena Davis, and even Adrian Brody. Hmmm... interesting. But that just confirms what I originally said that she's had some surgical touch-ups. Rhinoplasty much?

Well Jonathan has snagged the title of Cin-Ob Supreme yet again! Come on guys! Give him a run for his money! Ya know what I'm gonna do? Since we're obsessed with posting and the WHO AM I gets pushed down the page and out of sight so quickly, I'm makin' a button! Now you can check up on the current WHO AM I by clicking the button on the right sidebar. Easy access! YAY!

Check back soon for Jonathan's prize! His post of choice is coming soon to a website near you! This one!

1 comment:

Karen Kaye said...

Does she ever look like Mayim Bialik...