Friday, December 18, 2009

Poll Results! Best Disney Villain!

Cruella De Vil is the winner! I guess she scared the crap out of you more than any other Disney villain! Seriously, nobody who wants to skin puppies is ever gonna be popular.

Cin-Ob Jonathan raises an excellent point - we can't believe Scar didn't win, since he's the only Disney character to actually commit a murder. That was traumatizing! And come on... didn't we all weep during The Lion King? That stampede was intense for an 8 year old (in my case).

Cruella was still a nasty bitch. She creeped me out more than anything as a child. Her long, skeletor fingers, that long thingy she smoked out of (and as a child, smoking meant you were pure evil). Not to mention her smoker's voice. Terrifying.

Vote on the next poll! We looove your votes. We tingle all over when there's a new one!

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Lisa said...

just a little story for the two of you..My mom was in a choir with a woman (my mom's friend) who was skinny, tall and had white hair. At one of their shows she dressed up like cruella and sang and a kid actually cried during the preformance, she sounded just like her!