Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going the Distance

Yet another rom-com coming our way! Going the Distance (2010) stars Drew Barrymore (yeah!), Justin Long (huzzah!), Christina Applegate (great!) and Ron Livinston (ok... you rocked in Office Space!) in a tale of love and long distance relationships. The movie takes place between New York City and San Francisco and is sure to be a cutsey-wutsey-lovey-dovey-mush-fest... But hey - we're in! Of course we are. Duh.

But seriously... Are we entering a new state of love and laughs in Hollywood? Why are we seeing soooo many romantic comedies following the oh-so-predictible formula? Guy meets girl, fall in love, oh no - a conflict of some sort, but wait - we really DO love each other. Happy happy joy joy. BORING!

We feel it's time for a zombie romantic comedy. It's time to spice it up a bit. Here are some classics that we think could be remade with a zombie twist:

When Harry ate Sally's brains

Undead in Seattle

Bridget Jones's Diary of the Dead

Never Been Kissed by a Dead Man

The Zombie Wears Prada

He's Just Not That Into Your Brain

Romancing the Corpse

My Big Fat Greek Flesh Eater

Thoughts? Anyone?

Get ready for hugs and kissies and zombie-free love on October 8, 2010. (Yaaaawwwwn)...


C. M. Dobson said...

lol! He's Just Not That Into Your Brain. I love you guys.

Angie and Chantale said...

Teehee... Well gee whiz Dobs - we heart you too!