Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can FINALLY go to Hogwarts!

Universal Studios Orlando is opening The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Spring 2010! CHANTY! FETCH MY ROBES! (in case you didn't know, Chantale is basically a slave to my every whim).

At the new exhibit you can visit Hogwarts school (which I'm sure will be ripe with actors in costume as teachers, ghosts, students, etc), a Hippogriff rollercoaster, yeehaw! And the town of Hogsmeade and every magical store you've ever seen in the films!

Well my mind is going a mile a minute here. They need to hire me, I have SO MANY IDEAS!

- Broom riding lessons

- A real-life sorting hat that tells you which house you belong to (a chance for them to sell school robes and scarves and stuff. As Yogurt would say, MERCHANDISING MERCHANDISING!

- A simulated game of quidditch for the crowd to watch, which is actually a mix of 3D or holograms and stunt people, whatever I don't deal with technical details

- Once inside the school you can attend many classes such as potion making and defense against the dark arts! AND sit at the giant table for a big fancy feast.

- A ride on the Hogwarts Express. Yeah. I'm smmmaarrrt....

Check out the website for more conceptual drawings of this magical world that made me pee my pants.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited to go to this park I can't even tell you!!!! Great ideas! Great!

I can't wait to see the stores! I can't wait to go on any rides! I can't wait to go in the castle!

Sonsey said...

And which houses will you ladies belong too?

Angie said...

Sonsey - good question. I think Slytherin gets a bad rap, so maybe we'd go there because they're the underdog. Can't go Gryffindor because that's too cliché. Maybe Hufflepuff because it's just such a great word.

C. M. Dobson said...

Wow! I want to go! Let's go, movie fanatics! lol!

Amber said...

I wish that they'd have done this at universal hollywood.