Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jake's Coming to Town! Yippeee!

Jake Gyllenhaal is coming to town! Huzzzah!

We're pumped. And crushin'. Pumped and crushin' and losin' our shit! You guys have to understand, this isn't just any crush. We discovered our dear Jake in 1999 when a little movie called October Sky entered our home. Our hearts went pitter patter... no seriously, they did. We had to go to a cardiologist, it was a big mess.


We saw something in Jake, something big, something special. He was a 'lil pip-shit at the time, but our 16 and 14 year old tastes were right on par with what Jakey had goin' on. We were diggin' it.

We followed his career from that moment on. We'd cheer and celebrate when he started winning bigger and bigger roles. We'd kneel by our beds and say a little prayer for Jake each night... Ok I'm full of caca, but we were really rooting for him. Hardcore.
The day has finally come. Jake is coming home. Well, not his home, but our home in Ottawa, which he doesn't yet realize will one day be his home. We'll be one happy polygomous family since neither of us will back down. We're sure Jake won't mind.

He'll be filming the upcoming Source Code set for release in 2011. We'll keep y'all posted when we get more tidbits on this upcoming flick!

Thanks Josie for the skinny!

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mysterg said...

Please feel free to get me the phone number of Maggie...