Friday, January 15, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

As the reigning Cin-Ob Supreme, Jonathan of Eternal Bodhi and the Esoteric Arcanum has chosen some amazing trivia for you! He really did his homework here!

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, the stars of the 1962 drama/thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane were bitter rivals in real life. Really... there was some serious hatred going on.

In one scene, Davis was required to kick the crap out of Crawford. You know, in the pretend, acting kinda way. Unfortunately Davis' first kick smashed Crawford's head, and the actress required stitches.

Once healed, she returned to the set to film the rest of the scene, in which Davis drags her body across the floor. To get even, Crawford stuffed her pockets with heavy rocks, making it all the more difficult to pull her weight. Davis ended up injuring her back trying to pull her.

Skip to the 4 minute mark to watch Joan Crawford take a foot to the face, in old school Hollywood rivalry style. Keep watching to see Bette Davis drag an extra heavy Crawford through the house.

At the 6 minute mark, Davis calls a doctor and immitates Crawford's voice. This is actually a recording of Crawford herself, and Davis is mouthing the words.

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