Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This one's a toughy! (tuffy?) Whatever, it's a hard one. But as I said last week, I would suck at my own game if I didn't already know the answers. And you guys always surprise me and make me feel stupid. But I like it when you treat me rough.

So here we go again! This little dude has done some epic films, and become somewhat of a sex symbol. WHO BE THIS BOY? Tell me and win 30 minutes of stalking time from Angie and Chantale. They will hide outside your window with binoculars, call your house and hang up, and show up at your place of work and do something inappropriate. Tempting, I know.

Get a post of your choice on Friday. Show the other Cin-obs whatchoo got... show them your amazing taste in movies, your incredible knowledge of trivia, your deep appreciation for a character, anything!

Become the new Cin-Ob Supreme!!! MUA HA HA!!!


The Masked Critic said...

Steve Zahn

(I know its not Steve Zahn, but I feel bad for not guessing ever)

Be aware, that I am comfortable with pity stalking if you are ever in the neighbourhood.

Tom said...

Kevin Costner?

Karen Kaye said...

Kevin Bacon?

Jonathan said...

I think it looks like Daniel Craig? Or maybe Anthony Hopkins?? This one is very difficult!

The Skinny Cook said...

Nick Stahl?

Dawn said...

You're all wrong! It's Johnny Depp! - er, I think! lol 8-)