Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Striking Similarity: The Matrix Revolutions VS District 9 VS Avatar

Exhibit A - The Matrix Revolutions (2003) gave us an army of badass robot suits, controlled by guys inside. I wanted one immediately. But I also thought they were cute. Is that weird?

Exhibit B - In District 9 (2009) we got this hardcore piece of alien technology... hmmm whadda ya know? A robot suit that you jump into and run amok! God, I was so excited when he hopped in that baby to kick some MNU arse.

Catch a glimpse of the guy takin' it for a ride at the 1:50 mark.

Exhibit C - Avatar (2009) showed us the biggest A-Hole in the world, running around Pandora in his ...you guessed it... robot suit! Check out this character profile for some little clips. This example is a lot less loveable, since I wanted to feed this jerk to one of the alien creatures the whole way through.

UPDATE! Cin-Ob Jonathan (and reigning Cin-Ob Supreme) has given us another example!

Exhibit D - Aliens (1986) gives us yet another robotic suit that whoops ass! (Also a James Cameron film, so he's borrowing from himself for Avatar!)

Anyone know of any other examples of this robot-suit phenomenon?
I'm sure there's more out there!

Chanty here... I thought of another one - The baddie from Innerspace (1987)...



Jonathan said...

YES - Aliens!!! I'll find the clip for you!!! it's the ending scene where Ripley fights the Alien Queen!!

Funny, it's also a James Cameron movie...lol

JRL said...

All great movies! Yes even Innerspace!

Angie said...

What do you mean EVEN Innerspace? That is an 80s gem that I won't allow you to mess with, JRL. I challenge you to fistycuffs for being condescending to one of my favaroos.

JRL said...

Let me point out that in in the end i did say it was a good movie... perhaps it MAY.. maybe... possibly have been slightly... neh, barely condescending.

I accept your challenge the art of fistycuffs. Queens Bury Rules! At dawn!

JRL said...

So ummm, what happened to our Fistycuffs?!

I was waiting outside at dawn as we discussed. It's cold outside!!! There i was in my red vertical striped unitard waiting for you.