Friday, February 19, 2010

Delicious Dinner: Beetlejuice

Our newest Cin-Ob Supreme, Dobs, wanted to see something from Beetlejuice! EXCELLENT CHOICE! (I'm yelling, in case you couldn't tell, because I'm THAT psyched)

This scene always delighted me AND scared the crappers outta me as a kid. I wanted to attend this dinner party, but I also became scared of shrimp cocktails and weird furniture. It's a love/hate relationship with this scene.


Beetlejuice (1988)


Hipstercrite said...

Oh man! I used to reenact this scene over and over again as a child. I was obsessed!

Angie said...

Obsessed is the only way to be!

C. M. Dobson said...

I was totally obsessed with this movie as child. Well, an adult too. hehe. Great scene, and I agree. It was freaky yet awesome. Thanks! You brought a smile to my face.

C. M. Dobson said...

Think my parents thought I was a little morbid as a child for this one. hehe. I know my stepmom does.