Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Memorable Monologue: Avatar

"With your permission, I will speak now. You would honor me by translating. The Sky People have sent us a message... That they can take whatever they want. That no one can stop them. Well we will send them a message. You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you... You tell the other clans to come. Tell them Toruk Makto calls to them! You fly now, with me! My brothers! Sisters! And we will show the Sky People... That they can not take whatever they want! And that this... this is our land!"

~ Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in Avatar (2009)


Stacie said...

I really liked Avatar, despite James Cameron's whole reproach of white folks (I mean, didnt this movie basically just retell what us dirty europeans did to the Native Americans, but with big blue critters?)

Angie said...

Yeah, we loved it too, but yo'ure right. It's pretty much Pocahontas all over again. Jake Sully - John Smith. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

stacie- yea, so whats your point? this was a great movie with a great message.

angie- this movie has much more meaning then some disney movie. pocahontas couldnt hold a candle to avatar.

Angie said...

absolutely anon - i am a HUGE Avatar supporter. I've said time and time again that it doesn't matter if the basic story is one we've seen before. Avatar tells it in a truly original and beautiful way.